Profile Detail

Nauman Saeed

President & CEO

Established MicroTech in 1992

Degree in Electronics Engineering
MS in Computer & Electrical Engineering from KSU, USA


  • Mr. Nauman Saeed is an experienced entrepreneur with expertise in business planning, management and new product development, particularly in electronics & electrical engineering solutions. Based on his understanding of the hurdles in new product development, he has been able to steer a number of technical solutions through the phases of idea inception, research & development and production towards successful commercialization.

  • He has demonstrated capability of formulating and leading multi-disciplinary and cross functional teams and has worked in close coordination with financial specialists for strategic policy formulation. He also possesses refined skills of market penetration through appropriate product positioning & differentiation, continuous innovation and management of customer relationship.

  • He started off MicroTech Industries (MTI) in 1992 with an objective of developing state-of-the-art complex technical solutions at par with the international standards by utilizing the indigenous resources. Starting from humble beginnings, today MTI stands as one of the leading technology companies in Pakistan. This 22 years journey of innovation, research and development has resulted in more than 50 advanced solutions in various sectors such as Telecom, Vehicle Tracking and Energy Metering.

  • Mr. Saeed firmly believes in utilizing indigenous intellectual and human assets to transform ideas into reality through innovation in electronics, electrical and computer engineering and developing solutions that are in line with the market trends. From the past decade, his company is focused on developing intelligent metering solutions that are capable to address the current and future requirements of the energy market.

  • The focal point of Mr. Saeed's efforts has always been to attain economic and technological self-reliance by harnessing local human resource and producing intellectual asset for the betterment of mankind. That is why MTI's core strength has always been innovation, research and development. His ability to envision the strong future of Pakistani Electronic Industry has led many policy makers and non-believers to admit that our indigenous resources are fully capable to set the trajectory of the electronics industry in a positive direction and take it to international standards.

  • It is worth knowing that MicroTech has allocated a lot of resources, both financial and human, in Research & Development to come up with technologically and commercially viable solutions that deal with the problems in the energy sector. Over the past few years, his company is working relentlessly to build the required intellectual assets and technologies that can mitigate the energy crisis in the country and resultantly has developed a complete portfolio of Smart Metering Solutions keeping in view the local requirements.These solutions have a wide range of applications and are capable to address the most pressing issues in the energy sector that are invariably tied with socio-economic problems of the country.

  • Under Mr. Saeed's leadership, the company has received numerous awards and accolades in various business domains. In almost all the critical areas, the company has been recognized by many government and private renowned local and international bodies. These awards range from Best R&D Company to Excellence in R&D and Telecom, from Business Excellence to Excellence in Engineering and so forth.

  • It is interesting to know that he has not only earned a reputation in the corporate sector but also marked achievements in Social Entrepreneurship by initiating a number of CSR projects including Ehsaas and Rahat Saaed Trust.

  • Mr. Nauman appreciates the beauty of life with all its joys & sorrows and turmoil & jubilation. He tries to keep a lookout for the silver lining in difficult situations and fights hurdles with tenacity and optimism to continue moving ahead and further.