Profile Detail

Khurram Ahmed

Manager Customer Operations

Serving MiroTech since March 2016

Degree in MBA - Marketing


Current Position Expertise

  • Develop and ensure effective implementation of reporting systems in order to warrant effective provision of customer services.
  • Ensuring all wings of customer operations are working together and with proper backup for continuous functionality.
  • Ensuring that all systems are working effectively at both customer and MTI end (NOC / AMRCIS) and coordinate with relevant in case of any hurdle.
  • Maintains close intra-departmental coordination with R&D, Production & AMI Cell and Sales departments.
  • Make sure that network is functioning at full capacity and system live status is above 97% at all times as far as possible.
  • Development of SOP / SLA for post-implementation monitoring and functionality of installed systems.
  • Makes necessary visits to the regional offices and utility personal to ensure successful implementation of MTI networking.
  • Ensures periodic visits and inspection of the installed system according to the defined parameter.
  • Identifying the development areas for the organization.

Prior Experience

  • Customer Operations
  • Quality Assurance
  • Churn Management
  • Business Development
  • Strategy Development
  • Marketing
  • Merchandising
  • Client Management