R283-C2 Electronic Single Phase Energy Meter is developed for domestic and small commercial users. It is designed especially for those regions/areas where power theft is a major concern. This model comes up with comprehensive Anti-Tampering features. State of the art Digital Signal Processor and highly accurate Sigma Delta ADC integrated circuits have been incorporated to measure kWh. Current sensors are provided on both Neutral and Phase wires to record/measure the energy in case of different tampering conditions.

Key Features:

  • Seven digits (6 Digits + 1 Decimal) register showing energy consumption (kWh).
  • Display all readings in case of power outage / failure.
  • Indication of Main Power Failure on LCD.
  • Low battery indication when 25% life of the battery is left.
  • Meter body opened Indication on LCD.
  • Error indication (D 1/D 2) in case of hardware/software faults.
  • Self diagnostic test of memory.
  • Reliable LCD with ultraviolet protection.
  • No effect of tilt on meter accuracy.
  • Protection against dust & moisture.
  • Separate LEDs for Earth, Neutral Missing, Reverse Energy & Power Indication