R326-C3 is an advanced static three phase whole current residential and commercial energy meter. It's one of a kind product that conforms to various IEC and local utility standards enabling it to be an ideal candidate for a multi-vendor environment. To resolve energy theft prevalent in local market, R326-C3 is carefully designed with stringent anti-tampering features.

Key Features:

  • Reading Display in Case of Power Outage/Failure with the help of batteries and super capacitor.
  • Fulfills IEC 62053-21 & IEC 62053-23, Accuracy Requirements
  • Active, Reactive Energy & Power Measurement
  • Reading Display in Case of Power Outage/Failure
  • Power Factor
    • Instantaneous (by Phase & Average)
    • Monthly Average (by Rate and Total)
  • Meter body opened Indication on LCD.
  • Identification and Storage of Reverse Energy Flow Event with Date and Time Stamp
  • MDI TOD (time of day)
  • Records Energy Accurately at Low/High Voltage
  • Low Battery Indication
  • Impulse Output Display on LED for kWh
  • Impulse Output Display on LED for kvarh
  • Running Quadrant Display
  • IrDA / Optical Communication Port for Laptop / PC
  • Programming of Tariff and Seasons through EMS (Energy Management System)
  • Long Life, Clear, Wide and High Contrast Display with Broad Viewing Angle
  • Phase Indication (A, B, C) and Indication of Load with Blinking Circle Around the Respective Phase on LCD
  • Display Off in case of Power Outage to Increase Battery Life. Display can be On by pressing First Push Button.