R283 is an advanced GSM/GPRS based single phase multi rate tariff energy meter with built-in disconnect / reconnect feature. It is a unique product that comes with DLMS/COSEM certification enabling it to be an ideal candidate for a multi-vendor environment. To resolve energy theft prevalent in local market, R283 is carefully designed with stringent anti-tampering features.

To offer highest level of flexibility, it can operate as a standalone product or be integrated with various data collection and energy management tools.

Key Features:

  • Complies to dlms/cosem Communication Protocol (Device Language Message Specification/Companion Specification for Energy Metering)
  • Measures Active and Reactive Energy and Power
  • On Demand and Scheduled Meter Reading
  • Customized Automatic Meter Reading Options i.e. Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc.
  • Long Life, Clear, Wide and High Contrast Display with Broad Viewing Angle
  • Impulse Output Display on led for kWh for Field Testing
  • Display scrolling button (Up & Down)
  • kWh Reading Display in Case of Power Outage/Failure
  • Records Energy Accurately at Low/High Voltage
  • Billing Data available:
    • Total kWh
    • Previous Month MDI (kW)
    • Current Month MDI (kW)
  • Display Auto Scroll After 5 Seconds
  • Indication of Events on LCD and Server:
    • Meter Open (Door Open Feature)
    • Power Failure
    • Reverse Energy Flow
    • Earth / One Wire Operation
    • Low Battery Indication
  • Built-in contactor for remotely disconnection / reconnection as per IEC 62058-31
  • Capable with Two Way Communication
  • 3G Compliant Modem Integrated on PCB with Push, Pull and Plush Mode
  • Meter Modem is able to Utilize SMS as Secondary Communication
  • Meter Modem has Retries Feature till Successful Communication
  • Power-Up of Meter Modem through all the Three Phases
  • Remote Firmware Up-gradation
  • Remote Change of Parameterization
  • Load Limiting for Power, Current, Voltage, Power Factor.
  • Alarms on Exceeding the Threshold Values.
  • 2 Load Profiles of 9 Channels each with Date and Time Stamp and Configurable at Different Sampling Times e.g. 15 Min Interval for Load-Profile 1 & 30min Interval for Load- Profile 2
  • Tamper reporting on External Magnet, Door Open for Meter and Terminal Block, Reverse Energy Flow, etc.
  • Last Gasp Reporting
  • Day Saving Option
  • Support Distribution Load Analysis