T411_DTGC3K1 is an innovative & hi-tech static 3-phase, CT, PT operated multi tariff electronic energy meter enabled with GSM/GPRS communication for remote metering. T411_DTGC3K1 is developed especially for industrial sector. Server based AMS (Advanced Metering System) is used to collect data from remote energy meters for detailed analysis and billing. The wireless electricity meterwith comprehensive anti tampering features, monitoring, load profiling and events recording. Its memory is capable of storing the data for more than 200 events and up to 24 months billing data.Furthermore, these specially designed wireless electricity meters come have built in state of the art digital sigma delta ADC integrated circuits to measure active, reactive and MDI values.

A two element standard optical interface in accordance with IEC 62056-21 has also been provided for the purpose of parameterization and downloading the data to PC/Laptop. 62056-21 has also been provided for the purpose of parameterization and downloading the data to PC/Laptop.

Key Features:

  • Fulfills IEC 62053, Class 1 Accuracy Requirements.
  • Active and Reactive Energy Measurement.
  • Active and Reactive Power Measurement.
  • Reading Display in Case of Power Outage/Failure
  • Active Energy Class 0.2S OR 0.5S
  • Reactive Energy Class 2.0
  • Power Factor
    • Instantaneous (By Phase & Average)
    • Monthly Average (By Rate & Total)
  • Identification (with symbol) & Storage of Reverse Energy Flow Event with Date & Time Stamp.
  • MDI TOD (Time of Day).
  • Frequency Measurement.
  • Low Battery Indication.
  • Pulse Output Displayed on LED for kWh.
  • Pulse Output Displayed on LED for kVArh.
  • Running Quadrant Display.
  • IrDA / Optical Communication Port for Laptop / PC.
  • Programming of Tariff and Seasons through EMS (Energy Management System)
  • Display Scroll and MDI Reset Button
  • Long Life, Clear, Wide and High Contrast Display with Broad Viewing Angle (with 8 Digits)
  • Phase Indication (A, B, C) and Indication of Load with Circle around the Respective Phase
  • Built in Advanced GSM/GPRS Engine for Quick and Safe Data Communication.
  • Short Messaging Service (SMS).
  • GSM/GPRS Module Communication Status via LED.
  • Local/Remote Parameterization and Up-gradation.
  • On Demand Manual and Fully Automated Meter Reading.
  • Meter Data Management with Multi User Capabilities.
  • Customized Automatic Meter Reading Options i.e. Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc.
  • Real Time Data Transmission.
  • Real Time Monitoring and Reporting of Billing Details and Events