T421_DTGC4K1 is an advanced three-phase, LT type, CT operated multi-tariff electronic energy meter, equipped with GSM/GPRS communication capability for smart metering. It is DLMS/COSEM certified product and an ideal candidate for interoperability. To resolve the menace of energy theft prevalent in local market, T421_DTGC4K1 is carefully designed with stringent anti-tampering features. These smart energy meters promote transparency, reduce operational costs, improve customer services and other associated rights. Its state of the art Digital Sigma Delta ADC integrated circuits are used to measure active, reactive energies and MDI values.

To offer highest level of flexibility, it can operate as a standalone product or be integrated with various data collection and energy management tools.

Key Features:

  • Reading Display in Case of Power Outage/Failure
  • Display Scroll and MDI Reset Button
  • Long Life, Clear, Wide and High Contrast Display with Broad Viewing Angle
  • Phase Indication (A, B, C) and Indication of Load with Blinking Circle Around the Respective
    Phase on LCD
  • Active and Reactive Energy Accumulation
  • Active and Reactive Power Measurement
  • Load Profile Data Recording with Programmable Time Interval
  • Pulse Output Display on LED for kWh and kvarh for Field Testing
  • Built in Advanced GSM/GPRS Engine for Secure and Fast Data Communication
  • Low Battery Indication on LCD
  • GSM/GPRS Module Communication Status Indication on LCD
  • On Demand Manual and Automated Meter Reading
  • Meter Data Management with Multi-User Capabilities
  • Customized Automatic Meter Reading Options i.e. Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc.