Smart In-Home Solutions

eGenius - Emergency Management and Energy Monitoring Solution

eGenius is a smart In-Home solution for:

  • Emergency Management &
  • Energy Monitoring

Societies are exposed to various risks such as Health, Security, Fire, Water, Electricity crises etc. These risks require smart solutions for effective response to mitigate the emergency situation in the most expedient way.

eGenius, with its two way communication allows consumers to intimate relevant departments for help in critical situations. With just a single click, a Call/ SMS will be routed to the specific department to dispatch the rescue units and handle rest of the situation before it escalates.

On the other hand, eGenius allows civic departments (law enforcement officers, fire fighters, emergency medical personnel etc.) to effectively plan, respond and manage any emergency situation while determining the nature and intensity of the situation.

eGenius is an informative and smart in-home display with a user friendly interface; designed for diverse range of consumers. Deployed as part of metering system, provides real-time information on energy consumption.

The interactive screen allows consumers to see their daily, weekly and monthly energy usage to help them understand their consumption trends and manage them intelligently. To make it easier, it offers an android/ iOS based application for consumers to access their electricity consumption trends in graphical form which helps to forecast and budget accordingly.

eGenius Brochure

eGenius In-Home Display Brochure

eGenius Mobile Application Brochure

EnergyMizer - Energy Monitoring Solution

Provides Near Real Time (NRT) energy monitoring to check current as well as historical electricity consumption of the consumer. Adding to convenience, it offers an android/ iOS based mobile application for consumers to access their daily, weekly and monthly energy consumption trends in graphical form. This allows the consumers to monitor, predict and manage their electricity usage in an expedient manner.

EnergyMizer Broucher