Corporate Social Responsibility

Being a socially responsible company, MicroTech is serving the society in following manners:


Rahat Saeed Trust

Micro Tech is overwhelmingly savvy of its corporate social responsibilities regarding all stakeholders. Presently, it is operating four medical centers under the name of Rahat Saeed Trust. These medical centers were established in the areas where qualified doctors were not available. The staff at medical centers includes male & female doctors, paramedics and LHVs. The centers provide diagnostic as well as medicine facilities. Patients can also avail themselves of the testing facilities at very nominal charges. In case of any serious illness major hospitals of the city remain in contact where these patients are referred to. Besides, ambulance facility is also made available at these centers. Most of the population around these centers is poor and illiterate and cannot keep the record of their illness, so these centers maintain the record of the patients for future reference.

These centers specially focus on the mother/child health. Therefore, we have made gynecologists and trained LHVs available at these centers. Ultrasound facility is also available here. We can proudly say that our facilities are playing a pivotal role in improving the lives of female population in these areas. We are optimistic to open many more centers in the days to come. All these efforts are due to our belief that the society we earn from, should also share the benefit in return. However, the most important aspect of this matter is that every employee in MicroTech enjoys the ownership of this noble task; hence the credit goes to them.




The sense of social responsibility is deeply pervasive in the multi-dynamic aims and objectives of our company. We run an NGO under the name of “EHSAS”, that is engaged in undertaking philanthropic activities and relief work especially during the situations of natural disasters. It organizes rehabilitation & medical camps, sets up temporary operation theaters in the far-flung calamity-hit areas and make available goods of basic necessities to the ill-fated people. It also provides help to build infrastructure, like construction of schools and installation of communal water purification plants to supply healthy and purified drinking water to the people.

EHSAS is committed to fulfill as much as of its obligations by giving common man access to safe and clean drinking water. The piped water supply is exposed to different types of impurities due to underground leakages. We have a committed and specialized teams for the planning and execution of the projects with dedication to ensure safe water in remote areas.