Smart Prepayment Meters

Prepayment meters have revolutionized the way utilities collect bill payments from their customers.
A prepaid electric meter enables the utilities to collect money from its customer in advance which in turn improves cash flow and eliminates chances of bad debt. Prepayment meters also enable utilities to forecast the electricity demand on the bass of the number of units sold in advance which helps them plan generation accordingly. Furthermore, prepaid electricity meters help consumers to manage their electricity budget more effectively without necessarily landing into adversity. In short, the prepaid electricity meter helps reduce utilities financial burden while also ensures customers to manage their household economics pleasantly.

MTI's smart prepayment meter can be topped up using scratch card via internet, SMS and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and a confirmation of successful credit transfer will be sent to the user afterwards. More importantly, the prepaid electric meter offers a minimum of 4 programmable tariff slabs that can be incorporated in the billing as per current NEPRA tariff and these can be updated remotely. The smart prepayment meter alerts the users regarding the remaining balance and also informs in a timely manner when the credit is low. The meter automatically cuts off the power supply when the credit amount is falls below the minimum threshold amount and resumes supply once the amount is topped up into the user account.

MTI offers a wide array of prepayment meters with smart metering functionality which can be obtained by contacting at:


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