Design & Hosting Services

MicroTech Industries, with twenty two years of extensive research, development & innovation, offers AMI solutions that are designed to evolve as needs change and compatible with any standard & customized solution. Sketching the theoretical requirements from our customers, we comprehend them as a defined technical scope, where capacity building and operational efficiency are taken into major considerations. These prerequisites lead to the calculation of communication frequency and bandwidth requirement from network operators.

Design Services

Our experienced design engineers and subject matter experts have competence to model a robust and scalable architecture to support complex and large volume of smart metering & adaptive communication network. MTI's AMI solution is well designed to handle future growth possibility & network expandability by rightly measuring load, functional and environmental scalability. Also, our design experts cater virtualization to provide unmatched flexibility, performance, and utilization based on proven standards and specifications. This eventually simplifies IT infrastructure, minimize costs, and improve system reliability. Nonetheless, it enhances adaptability of solution with regular design mentoring for new technologies leading to dynamic & secure market approach with system integrity.

A solid disaster recovery and business continuity strategy is crucially planned to protect our data centers in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency that causes downtime. We have ability to manage completely separate set-up for replicating the data to another independent geographical location, and keeping standby systems ready to take the role of the original systems when an outage or other failure occurs. More