Static Energy Meters

Static energy meters provide utilities with the much needed technology to measure electricity consumed for monetization purposes. MTI's static energy meters ensure that the consumers are billed accurately and have access to detailed information on usage history during the day for their record keeping or understanding. MTI manufactures a wide range of comprehensive static energy meters that cater to the needs of domestic, commercial and industrial clients. These include with sophisticated and field-proven single & poly-phase static energy meters designed & manufactured at the highest standards of quality in compliance with many IEC standards such as IEC 62053-21, IEC 62053-23, and IEC 62052-11.


Poly Phase Static Energy Meters


Advanced LT type, TOD / TOU, CT operated three-phase energy meter


Three phase residential and commercial energy meter that has Radio Frequency (RF-433 MHz)


Advanced static three phase whole current residential and commercial energy meter.

Single Phase Static Energy Meters


Advanced single phase static energy meter that has Radio Frequency (RF-433 MHz)


Advanced single phase meter with single wire operation & door open feature