To convert the human resource function into Business Management Partner by adopting and exercising the best HR practices is the core objective of our Human Recourse Department (HRD). The management at MicroTech believes in continuous development and actualization of the human potential to the fullest sense of the words. The Executive Management believes in free spirit of human resource and helps individuals explore their inherent potentials to optimum levels. This employee centered approach of the Executive Management helps both the employees and the organization in attaining their strategic goals. HR Team is responsible for the following functions:

  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Training & Development
  • Performance Management
  • Organizational Development
  • HR Operational Framework

HR strategy is integrated with the company’s vision vertically and horizontally.


Our Culture & Environment

Micro Tech being a technology conscious company has created an environment of research & development virtually enabling the engineers/executives to articulate their future ambitions for the society they cherish to live in. As an employee joins the MTI family, he/she is first of all acclimatized with the cultural values, standards and norms of the company. He/she receives technical/professional orientation and mentorship to explore the opportunity of working on emerging technologies and business trends. Encouraging and stimulating environment comprising of world class engineering and business professionals, cohesive-teamwork and state-of-the-art testing facilities help the young engineers/executives grow into world class professionals. MTI values its highly potential people and keeps consistently grooming them for the higher tiers of management. All this is made possible by a comprehensive career   planner developed to identify and sharpen the potential of these emerging leaders. We encourage our employees to strike a balance between their professional and social responsibilities.


Talent Hunt Scheme for Engineers

MicroTech, a mature and vibrant organization, attracts competent engineering graduates through its Talent Hunt Scheme from top universities all over Pakistan. We find our people from disciplines like electrical/electronics engineering, software engineering, system & communication engineering and computer sciences and provide them with every possible training to actualize their intrinsic potentials for the realization of  personal and organizational goals. The Executive Management believes that the growth of a business enterprise is directly linked with the growth of its workforce. With this philosophy in mind, MicroTech offers performance oriented and competitive compensations to the best performers. Selected young engineers start their career at MTI with handsome salaries and other fringe benefits. They are motivated to rise in a universe where there are no boundaries or limits. MicroTech awaits you if you have the will to rise above others and the determination and strength of mind and heart. Come and join us!


Corporate Environment For Business Development Professionals

MicroTech has always been an inspiring and true example of the business development processes right from the idea generation phase to successful commercial ventures. Since its inception, we have been turning the technological needs into customized solutions by adopting the key business development phases prior to the launch of commercial operations. Its product portfolio provides the customers with the tools they need to realize their goals and objectives. MicroTech is an enterprise where professionals take business initiatives generously and top management provides them with the level-playing field to explore the opportunities.

These experts face many unique challenges in their work environment including intense competition, complex negotiations and the constant pressures to provide customized and tailored solutions, all of which create a demand for trusted peers and educational programs in a friendly, supportive environment. Considering how important these professionals are to a company's success, the top management, not surprisingly, help them meet the career and personal challenges in every possible manner. At MicroTech the objective is to become the worldwide recognized technology company in areas of professional development, technology solution provider, career and community. And Micro- Tech is poised to become the leading source for information, knowledge sharing and career development in the complex sales and business development arena.