R283 with RF is an advanced single phase static energy meter that has Radio Frequency (RF-433 MHz) communication capability. It is one of a kind product that conforms to various IEC and local utility standards. The meters allows automatic downloading of readings through Hand Held Unit (HHU), thus reduces operational cost and offers a transparant and error free system. It has comprehensive anti-tampering features including single wire operation.

To offer highest level of flexibility, it can operate as a standalone product and be integrated with HHU that in turn transfers data to the backend server.

Key Features:

  • Built in RF Module with 433 MHz Communication Capability
  • Measures MDI, kWh, Voltage, Phase and Neutral Current
  • Efficient Meter Reading using HHU with Minimum Time
  • RF Communication Status Indication
  • Records Energy Accurately at Low/High Voltage
  • Reading Display in Case of Power Outage/Failure
  • Display Auto Scrolls After 5 Seconds
  • Long Life, Clear, Wide and High Contrast Display with Broad Viewing Angle
  • Impulse Output Displayed on LED for kWh for Field Testing
  • Stores Previous Month Billing (kWh)
  • Earth and Reverse Event Count with Last Occurrence Date and Time
  • Low Battery Indication on LCD
  • Current (I) Sensors are Provided on Both Neutral and Phase Wires to Record/Measure the Energy in Case of Different Tampering Conditions
  • Comprehensive Anti-Tampering Features like Reverse Energy Flow Detection, Fan Dimmer Usage Detection and Magnetic Field Protection etc.