MTI Smart Metering Solutions

MTI smart metering solutions deliver a range of applications and equipment using an infrastructure comprising networked meters, communication networks and data collection and management systems. Key focus area of MicroTech Industries is to offer the skills and experience that can help utilities frame their vision of a smart grid contributing towards the overall efficiency of the system.

MTI smart metering solutions aim to improve energy efficiency, allow optimum generation, increase customers' awareness of energy consumption, provide effective customer support, reduce operational costs and prevent non-technical losses. Moreover, our solutions allow utilities to accurately collect billing data and vital health statistics, enabling reliability by providing a risk-free choice to modernize their smart grid initiatives. More

GSM/ GPRS based Solution

The GPRS based energy meters transmit the metering data over GPRS cloud using GSM cellular network. This metering data is received by MTI Smart Eye MDC at a central datacenter. The data is saved in a database for later retrieval and analysis using MTI Galaxy. MTI Galaxy provides a web enabled graphical user interface to the end users.

The users through a secure username and password can access the metering data using MTI Galaxy through internet preferably over VPN for different reporting options. Also, the data can be utilized for analysis purpose as per the user requirements. To ensure smooth operation of the system, MTI provides continues remote support. Moreover, through the remote support feature different patches and updates can also be applied to the system.

RF Enabled Solution with HHU

The meter readers are provided with Hand Held Units (HHUs) equipped with RF. The HHUs have a special meter reading software installed on them called Smart Eye Mobile, which enables the HHUs to communicate with the RF meters. The meter readers take the reading of meters through these Hand Held Units and bring back the HHUs to the Sub-Division office. Here, the HHUs are attached through USB cable to a desktop application namely Smart Eye Desk. The readings are downloaded using Smart Eye Desk and then transferred to the database at the datacenter.

RF Gateway Solution

The RF Gateway solution provides fully automatic meter reading without meter readers, Handhelds or expensive wiring. It allows to economically read large sub metering installations in high rises and congested locations. The RF Gateway collects meter readings using RF and then transmits those readings to the MDC over GPRS cloud using the cellular network.

Smart Pre-Payment Solution

MTI's Smart Prepayment Solution facilitates pay-as-you-go metering and billing system to the consumer allowing them to manage their payment for utility services in advance. Our prepayment solution is an amalgamation of server software and prepayment meters, which confirms to various local and international standards. Our state-of-the-art solution allows the utilities to collect money from the end consumers in advance which in turn improves cash flow and eliminates chances of bad debt. On the basis of number of units sold, the utilities can easily manage and plan the generation accordingly.More