Asset Deployment and Management Suit (ADMS)

Keeping a track of mass AMI deployment is very critical for technology companies. During implementation process of AMI, there is ample chance of negative impact on customer satisfaction, quality and efficiency. Problems in installation may include wrong meter deployed, incorrect paperwork etc. Therefore, to handle and manage complex AMI implementations in challenging environments, MicroTech utilizes an in-house developed, integrated Asset Deployment & Management Suit (ADMS) that provides live tracking, feedback and project status updates.

Reporting is an essential part of ADMS that provides an overall project rollout performance, which can be checked swiftly through key performance indicator dashboards. It generates various reports such as installation progress, team progress, replaced meter report etc. It supports in planning, monitoring and managing field network deployments. It is done so by using a GIS based automatic mechanism for progress tracking, utilizing dashboard views and progress graphs. It provides a common central location and management point for all metering data. More


MTI Galaxy - A Smart Tool for Energy Management

It is a versatile user application that provides a web enabled user friendly interface including the following:

  • A GUI (Graphical User Interface) which is accessible from the web.
  • A multi-hierarchical user management system with different administrative rights.
  • Provides functions like remote disconnection/reconnection of meters and billing data export for integration with the DISCOs' (Distribution Company/ Utility) existing billing systems
  • Different reports to perform data analysis

Ultimately this application of the MDC can enable the utility to monitor load profiles and other metering data through any web enabled device. At a single point in time, several users can access the application using authorized user IDs. Furthermore, this application allows the users to generate various types of graphical and tabular reports. It also allows the customer to perform various operations and functions. Some of these operations are shown below along with the relevant screenshots from the Interface Application.More


MTI Smart Eye Desk

MTI Smart Eye Desk is a software that interfaces and processes data between MTI Galaxy and Smart Eye Mobile Software. It is located at the appointed sub-division office of the Distribution Company (LESCO) and offers a Graphical User Interface that intuitively guides the users to carry out day to day activities. This application not only downloads/ uploads data into HHU (Smart Eye Mobile) via USB, but also transfers and receives data to/from MTI Galaxy over a secure internet link. All the Sub-Division level tasks and reports can be generated/ performed using Smart Eye Desk.


MTI Smart Eye Mobile (SEM)

Smart Eye Mobile is a software especially designed for meter reading using HHU through RF and Photo capturing. Smart Eye Mobile gives users the convenience to view distinguished list of "read" and "unread" meters. The readings can be taken by either Meter Reference Number or Meter Serial Number (MSN). Using the lists, meter reader can easily take billing data and keep track of the work completed in each batch visit. Upon successful collection of the meter reading, MTI Smart Eye Mobile displays a list of billing data on the HHU screen. Once the data is captured, Smart Eye Mobile offers a list of standard discrepancies that a meter reader observes while taking the readings.


MTI Smart Eye MDC

MTI Smart Eye MDC tool is especially designed keeping in view the latest and up-coming technological trends in the metering industry. The system has been developed according to the best industry standards and practices in vogue. This is important and useful tools that help utilities to have near real time monitoring of metering data and improvement in overall efficiency of the system. It can easily be scaled up by improving the base system with more capable and powerful hardware; and scaled out by integration and expansion of the base system with addition of multiple parallel systems for increasing its capacity and capability.

It collects metering data from the DLMS/COSEM and NTDC specifications compliant energy meters and stores into a database. The international as well as local standards and protocols fully enable this tool to be integrated with any other application or system that operates on same standards and protocols. This functionality allows inter-operability and in turn enables multi-vendor solutions that have growing demand from the utilities all across the world.


MTI Smart Prepayment Solution

MicroTech's Smart Prepayment Solution facilitates pay- as-you-go metering and billing system to the consumers allowing them to manage their payment for utility services in advance. Our prepayment solution is intelligently designed to attain the desired objectives of both utilities and end-consumer. It is a combination of server, software and prepayment meters, which complies with various local and international standards. In-built GPRS modem in the hardware enables a secure & reliable two-way communication between Smart Eye MDC (MicroTech's Meter Data Collection Server) and Energy Meter deployed at the designated location allowing remote automatic readings. The meters follow international standard communication protocol DLMS/ COSEM that permits seamless integration with MDC. These meters are powered with software features which render prepayment functionalities reducing fixed cost of payment.More