R & D

Being a technology-driven company our business philosophy is to continuously look for untapped market segments where a difference can be made with innovative and hi-tech solutions. At MicroTech, business development professionals identify the unique needs of the target segment and discuss the innovative solutions with R&D. Then teams of engineers come up with the feasibility studies and determine the appropriate technology for the proposed solution, cost and estimated timelines.

What distinguishes us from others is our strong in-house R&D which acts as a catalyst in converting technical solutions into successful commercial ventures by quickly assimilating the ever changing needs of the customers, serving them with timely, cost effective and reliable solutions and thus facilitating improved life-styles for a better environment.

In our R&D, we strive to ensure optimal quality and superiority of our products, through extensive and rigorous testing criteria before a product is finalized for production. This process is undertaken to ensuring the finest quality and durability of our products before they leave our premises and move towards the end users.

MicroTech is an R&D oriented company and allocates a substantial percentage of its total revenues for Research & Development annually. The management strongly believes that a vibrant R&D will eventually lead us to hold the position amongst the leading technological solution providers on the globe.

Over the years, MicroTech has earned an excellent repute by introducing many innovative products in areas like energy electronics, vehicle tracking & fleet management solutions and telecommunications. MicroTech has not only led the local telecom industry with its payphone product lines including landline, wireless and Network Management Systems for many years, but has also exported numerous innovative payphone solutions to South Asian and African markets. Its vehicle tracking products & fleet management solutions are serving the masses all across Pakistan.

For the last few years, our R&D has focused on the design & development of Static Energy Metering products, Network Management Systems and state-of-the-art AMI & AMR solutions. These solutions are designed according to the international standards keeping in view the present needs of the energy industry. Our sophisticated, field-proven single & poly phase Static Energy Meters are being deployed all over Pakistan. Our cutting-edge AMR meters have also been thoroughly successful in field deployments.

Currently MTI's talented & dedicated teams of engineers are working relentlessly on the development of revolutionary AMI solutions and Smart Prepayment Metering product portfolios. We believe that our upcoming smart metering solutions will enable us to make a mark in the regional as well as international markets in the near future.

Our R&D work has been acknowledged by both government and private sectors earning us "The Best R&D Company" and number of other "Engineering Excellence" awards. These achievements are due to our commitment to innovation and the strength of our research and development teams.


Areas of expertise

  • Metering systems
  • Power electronics
  • Embedded/Microcontroller programming
  • PCB designing
  • EMC testing
  • Analogue & digital hardware designing
  • Desktop applications
  • Security systems
  • GPS based equipments
  • Network management solutions
  • Smart card based solutions
  • Database applications
  • Web based applications
  • Analog and digital signal processing
  • Testing and calibration equipment
  • Wired and wireless telecommunication systems
  • PC based systems
  • Control systems
  • VoIP systems
  • Consumer electronics
  • Biometrics
  • Biomedical electronics
  • CAD/CAM designing