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Dr. Khalid Zaheer Siddiqi

Member of BOD


  • Dr. Khalid Zaheer Siddiqi belongs to a reputable business family having investment portfolio in various industrial and business entities all over the world. He had spent most of his life in the advisory capacity to the Royal family of Qatar. He came in Pakistan in early 80s and since then has made large investments in the following domains:

    • Financial Sector (Banking and Non-Banking Financial Institutions)
    • Real Estate
    • Corporate Sector

  • In 2008 Dr. Siddiqi became a shareholder in MicroTech Industries and since then has been looking after the financial affairs and corporate matters of the company. His liquid financial strength, fortifies MicroTech to handle heavy investment projects and to avail any kind of business opportunities involving heavy funding and support.

  • Dr. Siddiqi also spends substantial amount of time in meeting charitable and social causes for the wellbeing of mankind.